Davey, P., 2009: A species with a wide distribution in Britain, the larva feeding on various grasses. In Dorset, the moth is widespread and ranges from locally common on unimproved grassland on clay and chalky soils, to frequent on grassland and pasture on sandy soil. The moth is at low density away from grassland. The following moths trapped from mid-August are likely to indicate a second generation: West Bexington, on 19 August 1996 (R Eden), Gillingham, 10 August 2003 (G Hopkins), Ashington, on 18 August 1986, 28 August 1988, 18 August 1991 (JF), Durlston, on 13 August 1991 (P Davey), Hurn, 11 August 2005 (M Jeffes), Matchams, on 23 August 1982, 17 August 1984 (G Le Pard).