Davey, P., 2009: A frequent species across southern England, but local in northern England and Wales, the larva feeding on st john's-wort (Hypericum spp.). In Dorset, the moth has been recorded from the same range of habitat types as the Treble-bar. Localities where both species have occurred are as follows.

1 West Bexington, Woolgarston, West Blagdon, Durlston
2 Chase Woods, Gaunt's Common, Stubhampton Bottom, Iwerne Minster
3 Ashington
4 Arne, Hurn, Boys Wood, Bloxworth Wood
5 Brownsea Island, Holt Heath, Holton Heath Marsh

Diagnostics include: paler ground colour; inner dark 'bar' resembles flag and flag-pole rather than hockey-stick.

This species is similar to the Treble-bar (A. plagiata), which has the innermost fascia more rounded than this species. In males, the claspers in Lesser Treble-bar are short, whereas in the Treble-bar the claspers are long.